Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fringe Review- "Everything In Its Right Place"

Some Spoilers Follow

This week's episode took a different approach from that which has been used throughout much of this season. The spotlight moved from Peter and Olivia to Agent Lincoln Lee. This poor guy has not quite had the best of luck throughout this season, so this episode almost seemed like it was there to provide some glimmer of hope for this character who has had to deal with losing his partner, and watching the girl he was falling for lose all memories of their interactions.

For really no reason, Lincoln finds himself tasked with going to the alternate universe to assist in an investigation regarding David Robert Jones (Grazing day?). Though the reasonings for Lincoln being the one to cross over were weak, things got better once he was on the other side. Fauxlivia was as quirky and un-Olivia-esque as always. Anna Torv really shines as an actress whenever she gets a chance to portray someone different than the main Olivia (anyone remember the William Bell part?).

Lee then quickly finds himself in the middle of yet another shapeshifter case, though this one seems to differ from the past instances. Now let me take a quick moment to outline how I felt at this point. This could potentially be the final season of Fringe, and one of the final episodes revolves around Lincoln Lee, who despite being a perfectly enjoyable character, is NOT Peter, Walter, Olivia, or even Astrid. Thankfully, as the episode went on, more of the main plot was revealed to us.

The case plays out in typical Fringe fashion, with the shapeshifter, Canaan, eventually being caught. Lincoln then questioned Canaan, and somehow convinces him to assist their investigation, all of which eventually leads to the team finding and arresting alternate Nina Sharp. Broyles was revealed to have shared information with Sharp, and alternate Astrid seems to have learned of his betrayal. Many of these points are left unanswered though, and will certainly be addressed in future episodes involving the full Fringe team.

This wasn't the best episode of Fringe, but at least it didn't completely skimp out on main plot details. There were a few big reveals, and I can't wait to see the creators of the show flesh out what could be the end of the Fringe story. In the mean time, I just keep waking up every day, hoping to read about Fringe being renewed for just one more season. In the mean time though, I hope they spend their final episodes of this season further developing the characters we've all come to love watching this show for years now.

Overall Score:   7/10


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