Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Song of the Day 04/03/2012 Florence + The Machine- "Heartlines"

I listened to this band through my good headphones for the first time this morning. I had no idea the complexity of the music. Somehow, the sound engineer has found a way to completely highlight the vocals in every track, but what's happening underneath is incredibly detailed. I would love to see the protools file that includes all the tracks, because I feel like there are a ton of them. Between the piano, guitars, drums, and numerous other vocals tracks, Florence + The Machine has succesfully crafted 2 albums full of rich soundscapes that still manage to remain pop music due to the vocal prevalence, truly impressive indeed. Also, Welch's voice is amazing, and I might go as far as to say she is my favorite singer out right now. This band is really worth all the attention they're getting.


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