Sunday, February 26, 2012

Song of the Day 2/26/12

One of the best albums I've heard in the last year or so has been The Color Spectrum by The Dear Hunter. I saw these guys in concert back in high school when they were supporting Circa Survive, and I'm kicking myself for not checking out all their music after the show. This is one of the most talented, and creative groups in rock music right now. The Color Spectrum is their latest album, and a break from their normal "Act" albums.

As you might've guessed from the album title, the song's tracks are all inspired by the different colors of the visible light spectrum (plus black and white), and since there are 4 tracks for each color, this album consists of a whopping 36 songs total, and runs for two and a half hours.

Each song has a noticeably different feel from the others, and I'm not just saying that because I knew about it before going in. If you put this album on for any person who had never heard it before, they would be able to differentiate the different songs from each other. The result is a really cool musical journey that starts from the agressive "Black", and finished on the majestic and beautiful "White".  The song I'm talking about tonight though is "The Canopy" off of the Green section.

Green has a natural, earthy feel to it, and if I had to pick something I visualize while I listen to it, it would be a rolling pasture somewhere, complete with bright blue sky and scattered pure white clouds. Acoustic guitar parts are complemented by the occasioinal strings, and slide guitar licks. "The Canopy" is one of my two favorite tracks from the album, and I'll likely write about the other (Fall and Flee) at a later point in time. It starts off with a simple shaker part that keeps the groove going throughout alongside the upbeat drum parts.

I was spinning through the air when I thought my life was ending
But I was really on the ground and you were lying right next to me
I looked right into your eyes, and I found myself pretending
That we were high above the canopy but tethered to the trunk of a tree

Slow down, take time, and see the forest for the leaves
I know that I should practice what I preach

I was falling to the ground when I felt my body breaking
But I had fallen in your lap, with my head tilted back
So I could see the sun eclipsed by your hair that left a halo hanging
Waiting above so when you go you don't have to wait to get your wings

The Dear Hunter usually talks about problematic relationships in their songs, especially one's regarding girls who screw guys over. While this isn't really my cup of tea, the singer is at least talking about something he feels passionately about. This song takes a completely different approach though, and the emotional drivel of some of their other songs is replaced instead by optimistic words about a guy simply enjoying the view, and appreciating the time spent with the girl spent beside him. I especially like the line, "But I had fallen in your lap, with my head tilted back so I could see, the sun eclipsed by y our hair that left a halo hanging." I wish I could live this song, just enjoying the forest for the leaves, and enjoying life for everything it offers. It's so easy to get caught up in all the craziness that everyday life is for most of us, but when you listen to this song, it's a little easier to take your mind off everything, even if just for four minutes. It is for that reason that this song has quickly moved up onto my list of favorite songs. Do yourself a favor, and no matter how stressed you might be about tomorrow, or next week, just listen to this song, close your eyes, and just enjoy life for a few minutes.

   -Chris (Currently the Media Optimist)

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