Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Song of the Day 2/21/12

One thing I'd love to accomplish with this blog is to post music that people might not have heard before. If I can show even a single person a song they've never heard before that they really dig, and introduce them to a new band, I think that would be awesome. I'm going to try to do this as often as I can remember, and I'd like to include as many styles and genres as I can, as well as a little detail on the artist, how I found out about them, or something along those lines. I hope people like it!

For my first song, I'm going to post the amazing track Tir Nan Og by the French band Alcest. The band is actually a solo project of a man who calls himself Neige, and while he typically played Black Metal, he branched out into post-rock, and shoe-gaze sounds with his solo project. The track I'm posting is the last track on Alcest's first album, "Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde" released in 2007. The title translates to "Memories of Another World" and was inspired by visions from a land Neige visited through his dreams as a child. He has described this land as a Fairy Land, full of colors, sounds, and forms that did not exist in the real world. These memories from his childhood influenced the sound of the album, and I feel that because of this inspiration, the material has come out sounding quite different from anything else I've ever heard before. To sum up this song in a single word, I'd have to use beautiful, which is odd considering Neige's musical background. I have to thank my friend Aarom Ramsey for introducing me to these guys back in high school, and I still love listening to them from time to time. I hope you'll like them as well.

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