Thursday, February 23, 2012

Song of the Day 2/23/12

I finally realized that I should post these videos at the top of the blog post so you can listen to it while you read whatever I have to say. Tonight, I'm posting my first non album version of a song, and for good reason. Mumford & Sons is awesome, I'm pretty sure the entire universe is in agreement on this fact right now. Sigh No More was one of the most popular albums of the year, garnered huge critical praise, earned them a rabid fan base, and cemented them as the premier folk rock act currently out.

The Cave gets the most attention, and is without question their most popular song. While I love this song (enough to make my own cover of it, White Blank Page is the best track on the album.

This song packs some serious emotion, and that is the reason I decided to post this live version. Seeing Mumford's face as he delivers the lyrics adds another layer of depth to them.

   "You desired my attention, but denied my affection, my affection.
     So tell me now, where was my fault? In loving you with my whole heart."

I'm an instrumentalist, not a singer, so lyrics have never been the most important part of a song for me. That being said, when I hear lyrics this good, delivered this honestly, I can't help but bring them up. Go to 1:44 in the video, and watch through 2:05. That simply cannot be faked. It's rare to see songwriting of such a high caliber.

If you somehow haven't heard these guys yet, go pick up their album "Sigh No More". It's their only studio album so far (and they're supposedly getting close to putting out another album), so check it out before you fall behind.


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