Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Song of the Day 03/20/12

Isis- "Ghost Key"

Isis is a hard band to describe to your friends. They have a lot of post-rock elements, but are heavier than most bands that typify that genre. No matter what you decide to call them though, Isis is a unique group that composes songs instead of just writing them. Track lengths are generally quite long (the track I posted clocks in at 8 minutes 30 seconds) and there is far less repetition than in other rock or metal bands. Sadly, the group decided to disband after "Wavering Radiant" for fear of stagnating. With the extensive library attributed to them, I can't imagine that they've actually run out of ideas, but at least they did quit while they were ahead. Every album is fantastic in its own right, and it is easy to tell which album a song comes from since each album has a completely unique tone. It sucks we won't get to hear more from these guys in the future, but they put out five solid full length albums, as well as a slew of other collections of songs for us to check out for a while still. I guarantee you, it would take a long time to take in all the nuances in each of their songs.


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