Sunday, March 11, 2012

Song of the Day 03/11/12

Katatonia- "Passing Bird"

Katatonia is my third most listened to artist on my iTunes, and I couldn't honestly give you a very good reason why. They're not very technical, but their songs just reach me on a level that is hard to describe. Almost any song could have served as a good introduction to them, but I decided to go with Passing Bird from their 2001 album Last Fair Deal Gone Down. This Swedish group has transformed from a heavy metal band (featuring growling vocals from Mikael Ã…kerfeldt on Brave Murder Day) to an emotional dark rock group. I dig the clean vocals on all of their more recent albums, and the songs are an interesting mix of heavy guitar parts and softer passages that utilize clean guitars as well. I love their older material, but I do think they have grown as a band over time, and one needs look no farther than Night is the New Day (their most recent album) as an example of this. I know I'll most likely never get a chance to see these guys live, but they are right at the top of the list of bands I'd love to see in concert.


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